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Our Philosophy:

NCCE Fourth Grade program helps students learn how to be responsible, independent, active learners.  Students are expected to demonstrate their Catholic values and be respectful to themselves and others.

Fourth Grade Curriculum:


Students learn about God’s love through classroom experiences, weekly attendance at Mass, weekly participation in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, daily prayer, and using our daily religion program and student materials called Blest Are We. Fourth graders focus on the Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes.  Each unit covered examines a saint and many of the sacraments. We also do The Think First & Stay Safe! School Program which teaches us all about personal safety & keeping ourselves safe from danger.

Language Arts

We use the SRA Imagine It! Series.  Our focus is on informational text.  We have two social studies and two science related units.  Within each unit there is a primary focus on using reading strategies and skills to understand and analyze text.  An interactive language arts journal is used to reinforce our diocese ELA curriculum concepts.  We also incorporate literature circles and focus on an author to sharpen our literature skills. Independent reading is a skill that must be mastered and to do so we use Accelerated Reader.  Students are asked to read an independent book and do a book project each month to work on literary skills taught in class.  Spelling is part of our Imagine It! Series and they reinforce the structure of words that we practice each week. Grammar is taught daily within our series and is supplemented with Daily Oral Language.  In writing, the students write narrative, opinion, and informational pieces.  We published a class book, which helped student learn and understand the writing process.


We use Pearson’s enVisions Math Program.  This program uses a wide variety of hands on materials and resources such as manipulatives, scales, and center games.  It also uses online visuals and interactive stories to help students understand the different math concepts being taught. The topics taught throughout the year are:  two & three-digit multiplication, long division, adding/subtracting fractions, mixed numbers & improper fractions, decimals (10th, 100th), measurement & conversion, and lines, angles, &  shapes.


Fourth grade students cover the topics earth systems, processes that shape the earth, structure, function and informational processing, waves, and information and energy.  A special project is working with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to raise Chinook salmon in the. Raising salmon in the classroom is a cross curriculum interactive project.  It allows students to use concepts learned during the year and apply them to a real life situation.  Students learn the life cycle and how internal and external factors can support or inhibit the survival, growth, and behavior of the salmon.  They learn how to read maps, make and interpret timelines, and study the economic impacts of having salmon in our Great Lakes.  They also learn how to tabulate and interpret data gathered throughout the school year.  Students will use the data collected to figure percentages, averages, and will compile the information into readable graphs.  Eventually the Salmon are released into their natural habitat.

Social Studies

Our fourth grade series we use is the McGraw Hill Michigan along with the text Regions.  The concepts the students learn are geography and landforms, economics of Michigan and the U.S., Michigan and the U.S. government, citizens’ rights and responsibilities, migration and immigration, goods and resources. Two special projects the students get to take part in is the creation of a Governor’s Quilt and a state suitcase project. This allows the students to share their knowledge and learning on a particular state as we learn the regions and different states in class as well.


The students review cursive writing with the use of Handwriting Without Tears series.


In reading, we use our workshop time to practice reading skills and strategies in smaller groups.

Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Reading Support Program
  • Math Support Program
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Capitol Building Field Trip
  • Chinook Salmon Fish Study
  • NCCE Day

Other enrichment opportunities include art, music, gym, library, computer, and field trips.

Extended School:

  • After school Latch Key from 3:15 to 6:00pm.
  • Chess Club
  • Bowling
  • Music Lessons
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Afterschool Art
  • Instructional Basketball
  • Girls on the Run
  • Engineering for Kids (ask our school for session days and times or go to engineeringforkids.com)

Resources or Parent Links:

How to get ready for Fourth Grade:

  • Need to know multiplication facts (0-9)
  • Read twenty minutes a day
  • Practice cursive hand writing
  • Keep a journal of your summer activities and experiences








Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.

– Leonardo daVinci