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Our Philosophy:

As Fifth Grade teachers we strive to meet the needs of all students within a caring and Christian environment.  It is important to us that our students are led to greater independence with guidance, support, and encouragement from both home and school.  We make every effort to assist parents in the spiritual, educational, and social development of their children.  We hold high expectations to encourage the students to do their best work.  It is also a priority to us as teachers to provide a variety of teaching strategies and methods to both engage students and address various learning styles.

Goals of Daily Program:

Organization, an important life skill, is key to fifth grade.  Students are given assignment notebooks in which to record daily and long term assignments.  Students are expected to be prompt and prepared, turn in quality work, listen attentively during instruction, and be responsible with their belongings and supplies.

Fifth Grade Curriculum:


Students learn about God’s love through classroom experiences, weekly attendance at Mass, daily prayer, and using our daily religion program, Blest Are We. In fifth grade our curriculum emphasizes the importance and meaning of each of the seven sacraments and the parts of the Mass.  In preparation for All Saints Day, each student researches the life of a saint.  On All Saints Day, the children, in costume, are part of a saints museum where visitors can listen to each saint’s life story.

Benzinger’s Family Life program provides a moral catechesis for students and places human sexuality within the context of Christian moral living.
Students also participate in the Lures program, a personal safety program that gives children the tools that enable them to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations and people.

Language Arts

We use the SRA Imagine It! Program to help students become successful at reading both nonfiction and fiction.  Systematic instruction includes the study of word structure, spelling strategies, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. For enrichment we use novels, literature circles, Accelerated Reader, and the Junior Great Books program which uses a method of interpretive reading and discussion known as Shared Inquiry. We use 6+1 Traits of Writing and integrate our writing instruction throughout our content area.


We use Pearson’s enVisions Math Program.  This program uses a wide variety of hands on materials and resources such as manipulatives, scales, and center games.  It also uses online visuals and interactive stories to help students understand the different math concepts being taught along with writing.  In the fifth grade the areas of focus are instruction in all operations with whole numbers emphasizing decimal and fraction operations, geometry, measurement, and data.  Students’ needs are met through differentiated instruction for both those who excel and those who need support.


Fifth grade science includes the study of life science, earth science, and physical science.  The emphasis is on animal systems, vertebrates and invertebrates, the solar system, and force and motion.  Students participate in STEM activities and research projects.

Social Studies

Harcourt Horizons, United States History: Beginnings is the social studies text used by the fifth grade.  The students are introduced to the people and events that created the United States, including the study of Native Americans, a time of exploration, colonial times, the Revolutionary War, beginning a new nation and the Constitution.

Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Reading Support Program
  • Math Support Program
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Advanced Math Program
  • NCCE Day
  • Battle of the Books
  • Jr. Great Books
  • Hartley Outdoor Education Center - this is a three-day camp experience at Hartley Camp in St. Charles, Michigan. Classes relate to teh science and social studies curriculums, as well as confidence and team-building skills.
  • Delta College Planetarium
  • Saginaw County Court House
  • Saint Museum
  • Girls on the Run
  • Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee
  • Saginaw County Spelling Bee
  • Band

Other enrichment opportunities include art, music, gym, library, computer, and field trips.

Extended School:

  • After school Latch Key from 3:15 to 6:00pm.
  • Chess Club
  • Bowling
  • Music Lessons
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Football
  • Basketball (girls and boys)
  • Engineering for Kids (ask our school for session days and times or go to engineeringforkids.com)

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